A cool bag for


Keep your craft brews cool

  • Up to 12hrs Cooling Capacity
  • Carries up to 12X can / 6x Bottle
  • Optimal drinking 4c-15c temperature for any style
  • Fridge cold on the go
  • Easy to use and clean
Literally the COOLEST way to carry your brews, when you’re…
on the go
at the park
at the brewhouse
at the beach
in the hills
at an event
at a festival
in the garden
at the taproom
at a party
  • Up to 12 hours cooling capacity

  • 4x specially-designed lightweight icepacks

  • You can carry up to 6 bottles

  • Or up to 12 cans at a time.

Removable beer carrier, fits in any fridge

2x built-in bottle openers

Keeps your drinks upright and secure, reduces agitation

Maximal carrying capacity, lightweight and compact design

Sturdy and durable, keeps your brews safe

How to use...

1. Load the removable beer carrier.

2. Slide it in the fridge. Pro Tip: Fits snugly any way up.

3.When you’re ready, slip the beer carrier into the cool bag and slide the ice packs into the pockets.

4. Sling it over your shoulder and you’re on your way.

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