About Us

Coolcrft was founded by Jordan Lucas, craft beer lover, hospitality professional and father of 3. After a year of design, development and iteration, the Coolcrft CC#12 is now available exclusively in the UK. Following a successful pre-sale this year we were able to upgrade the product with new features and materials making it better than before. In 2023 we hope to be able to continue to expand our brand into retail through partnerships with UK breweries.

Our Story...

“For years I had struggled with the problem of transporting beers from place to place, usually settling for the double plastic bag method or the tried and tested wrapped in a t-shirt at the bottom of the backpack. But as a matured (as did my taste in beers) I thought there must be a better way!? During the height of the pandemic while in lockdown I was trying to find a product that solved this problem but to no avail so I set out to make one myself.”

“After a year of developing and iterating we finally came up with it. The Coolcrft CC#12 and it turned out to be everything I had imagined and hoped: literally the coolest way to carry your craft brews. We combined functionality and design to come up with a solution that not only transports bottles and cans securely and safely but keeps them cool and minimises agitation.”

“Now I can’t wait to share it with you and even more to begin to build a new craft beer community. Beer should be about friendship, connection, and shared experiences. And that’s what I want Coolcrft to stand for. So fill it up, share your beers, and make some new friends.”

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This year saw the successful pre-launch of our brand which allowed us to put the CC#12 cooler bag into mass production. Next year we plan to bring our next products into production via crowdfunding while we continue to work on developing innovative new models, customisations and accessories for the brand.

Be one of the first to join the Coolest new craft beer community. Get your hands on one of the original flagship Coolcrft CC#12 cooler bags. Together we open up a new world of  craft beer enjoyment.

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